The Dog Who Grew A New Face (Graphic)

February 3, 2016
Another great story of a rescue by Animal Aid Unlimited. Kalu the dog was found in a hole at a construction site. He was severely injured as his face was infested by maggots. It looked like he found a good place to die. Fortunately he was found by animal lovers and quite easy to catch. When they took a better look at him, they saw almost his whole face, including his eyes, was gone. It was a miracle he was still alive and at first, the rescue workers thought euthanasia was the best option to prevent further suffering. But, because Kalu was still pretty fit for his condition, they tried to make him better. First the maggots were killed with a powder, then he was sedated and the wound was cleaned. The road to recovery had started! After 3 days he enjoyed his first meal and after 5 days his one remaining eyed opened. After 3 months, Kalu had turned into a beautiful and happy dog!

Animals: dog
Organization: Animal Aid Unlimited

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