Rescue Puppy With Mange Goes To The Vet

April 28, 2016
Today we get to take a look at the work a veterinarian does when a sick puppy arrives. Evelyn is a young dog that was picked up off the street by animal control, she has mange, a skin condition caused by parasitic mites that made her lose her hair and gave her a bad itch. The puppy was very sweet but a bit stressed, as most dogs are during a visit to the vet. After they took a skin scraping, it was confirmed she had mange and a skin infection. The treatment began by giving her medication, she couldn't be bathed immediately since she was just spayed a couple of days ago. 4 weeks later she was already looking a lot better and after 10 weeks she was as good as cured and put up for adoption.

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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