Zoo Elephant Rescued Out Of Ditch

April 23, 2016
Protea, a female elephant in the Santiago Zoo (Chile) had fallen into a 10 feet deep trench. As she laid there on here back, help was needed quickly. Her boyfriend Jumbo wasn't too happy people were getting close to his girl, when he was placed behind electric wire, the rescue mission could start. First it was tried with manpower, when that didn't seem to work, a crane was brought in that lifted her up and put her down feet first. After the rescue was complete, Jumbo and Protea quickly got together and comforted each other, unfortunately Protea just hit the wire and immediately fell down. In all the chaos, the electric wire was plugged into a standard 220 volt outlet instead of a converter that would reduce it to 24 volts. The wire was quickly unplugged and the confused and hurt elephant tried to stand up, fortunately Protea made a full recovery and is still living happy together with her friend Jumbo. A metal safety rail has since been placed besides the ditch so they couldn't fall in anymore.

Animals: elephant

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