Pup With Broken Leg At The Vet Ranch

April 26, 2019
Pebbles is labrador mix of probably 8 months old with a crushed back end, likely due to being hit by a car. She can barely use her hindleg and is in a lot of pain, luckily Vet Ranch is trying to help her.After an operation to put pins in her leg so she can use it, she got time to heal. She was staying in a foster family who took good care for her, after they noticed Pebbles was in pain, she was checked up again and still not using the right leg probably, it didn't bend and she curled up her toes. After some physical therapy, it didn't improve so as she didn't have any benefits from the leg, the vet decided to amputate it. After healing up, Pebbles was a lot less painful and happy with only three legs! Click here for an uncensored version of this video.

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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