Donkey Beaten With A Metal Pipe

October 27, 2017
Indian rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited was called when a man saw someone beating a donkey with a metal pipe. The team came immediately in action and as they approached the confused and scared donkey they saw their help was definitely needed. The donkey had wounds all over his body and especially on his head. After he had been taken to Animal Aid's rescue facility he was treated to more than 20 wounds and cleaned up. One of his eyes was ruptured due to severe blows to the head. Animal Aid reported the cruelty to the police and assisted in finding the abuser and getting him arrested. He has been charged and is awaiting trial. The donkey is named Veruu (Hindi for brave) and looked a lot better after 5 weeks of treatment, he started to gain more trust in people as well, Veeru will live at Animal Aid for the rest of his life.

Animals: donkey
Organization: Animal Aid Unlimited

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