Dog Treated After Being Hit By Car

November 8, 2016
Glory is a dog who came to the Vet Ranch after being hit by a car. He had a hole in his head, a torn ear and severe wounds on one of his paws. His story is quite unclear, so it's not known if all his wounds came from the car hit, this young guy fortunately didn't have any fractures. His wounds were treated, first the dead tissue was removed from his paw, it was rinsed and bandages were applied, this had to be repeated for a couple of days. Then the wound on his face was treated the same way and a bandage was carefully put on. After a bloody operation the dog had to rest for quite a while so all his wounds could heal up. At the end of the video we'll see how well the dog turned out. Skip to 9:24 if you want to miss all the graphic footage and see a happy dog!

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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