Dog Rescued From Tar Drum

January 27, 2017
A street dog in India was found trapped inside a drum filled with tar, the dog was stuck and the tar was drying so help was just in time. Animal Aid Unlimited had to cut open the metal barrel as it was impossible to get her out. It is thought the dog decided to take shelter in the barrel during the night and got stuck to the tar after it had warmed up by her own body heat. They soaked the tar in vegetable oil to soften it and slowly started to get the dog unstuck. After she was removed from the barrel, it became clear he skin was badly injured by the whole ordeal. After hours of gently washing the tar out, the dog finally got some rest. She was named Asha, which means "hope" in Hindi, at the end of the video we get to see her after recovering. Asha is now back to being a happy dog again!

Animals: dog
Organization: Animal Aid Unlimited

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