Scared Poodle Lashes Out

January 5, 2018
As Hope For Paws receives a call about an injured dog, they decide to go help him. While getting closer, they see the scared dog is missing a paw. The nervous dog did like the food he was offered, but the people coming at him not so much. Any movement scare him away, so it was hard to catch him with a leash. Even after a long time, he didn't like them to get any closer. As they almost run out of food and were afraid he would run off, one of the rescue workers grabbed him, he did bite her, but she didn't let go. Washington as he was named was taken to get a medical treatment, especially for his leg. During the trip he started to get happier and gained trust in his rescuers. His fur coat had to be shaved off as it was a complete mess, after that he got a warm bath. He's now happy in his foster family, but looking to be adopted by a new family!

Animals: dog
Organization: Hope For Paws

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