Pit Bull With Lump On His Cheek

May 20, 2019
Chip is a (former) homeless pitbull that was brought to the Vet Ranch. He has a big lump on his cheek, hence the name Chip, as he looks like a chipmunk. He has also some lumps on his legs so he has to have a check-up. He was anesthetized and with a syringe, dr. Matt checked his cheek which turned out to be just an abscess, which is a lot better than the alternative, a tumor. When he was under, it turned out he had a lot of broken teeth and a small bullet (likely from a BB gun) in his testicle, very painful! Even though the lump was drained, it quickly filled up with fluid during the next week though. When he was operated on again, it turned out to be a cyste, which had to be removed, else it would just fill up with fluid again. A draintube was placed in the wound so all bad fluid would just flow out, after a couple of days, the tube was pulled out. Unfortunately the lump came back after a couple of days and even bigger than before, a better drain was placed and after a couple of days the lump was finally gone. This friendly guy is now awaiting a new owner!

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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