Feral Cat With Rotting Leg Wound

September 28, 2017
A feral cat was brought to Vet Ranch with large wound on one of her back legs, the wound clearly was there for quite a while as the flesh was infested with maggots. The wound was opened carefully to clean it up and get the maggots out., it was going to be a battle to keep her healthy and it was unknown if the cat could keep her leg. after cleaning the wound and waiting for a couple of days, some dead tissue had fallen off, making the wound look even worse. Unfortunately the leg wasn't saveable, it had to come off. After the amputation, she got a bit more comfortable around people but she still doesn't enjoy their company. At least she got help, if she wouldn't have gotten any help, she would've slowly died for sure.

Animals: cat
Organization: Vet Ranch

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