Cat With Degloved Jaw

August 29, 2018
A friendly cat named French Fries was brought to Vet Ranch with an issue on his lower jaw. He can't close his mouth because the skin on the lower jaw is degloved, he needs to be operated on to put the skin back where it belongs. While anesthetized, it turned out there was enough skin to push it all back where it belonged. As he turned out to be a very good patient and healed very well. A second surgery was needed to pull back the skin a little bit further. Unfortunately the sutures quickly came loose so not a lot was gained but at least he did make a bit more progress. His front teeth had to be pulled because it had been exposed and wouldn't stay healthy for much longer. Finally he was done with all surgeries and now he's ready to be adopted as he can now have a lot higher quality of life!

Animals: cat
Organization: Vet Ranch

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