Sick Abandoned Pit Bull

April 4, 2016
Hope For Paws received an urgent called about a pit bull in bad shape that was abandoned on a bridge. Dennis, as he was called, was emaciated and covered with thousands of ticks. Dennis was very easy to approach and a really sweet dog, he had no problems being taken to a vet, he was just too exhausted to move and let it all happen to him. After a lot of work by a team of vets, the ticks were removed from his skin and he enjoyed his first bath for a long time. Due to the massive amount of ticks drinking his blood, he was diagnosed with severe anemia and needed a blood transfusion to save his life. The blood was donated by a dog of one of the rescue workers. Dennis fought for five days to survive but his body was just too weak and unfortunately he didn't make it. Rest in peace Dennis. If people would've called help earlier he could have been saved, we're sorry humans failed on you.

Animals: dog
Organization: Hope For Paws

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