Senior Pit Bull Needs Surgery

February 26, 2018
A shelter dog named McDougal was brought to Vet Ranch as he was on the kill list. It was very unfortunate but you can't really blame the shelter for preparing to euthanize him as he's an older pit bull with some massive tumors on his stomach so there wasn't a lot of hope for him. Before the operation, Dr. Matt thought most of the lumps may be the result of a hernia, which is good as it's actually quite easy to operate on and better than cancer cells. During the operation, this presumption turned out to be right and the tumor was removed and intestines were put back. To watch an uncensored video, click here. McDougal remained calm and happy during his treatment, he still had to go back to be neutered. After a while the results of his test came back and it turned out the lumps were not harmful, he was ready to be adopted!

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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