Puppy With A Broken Leg

May 5, 2017
Mayvie is a cute puppy who was found in a park with a broken leg, the people who found her tried to take care for her for 10 days before they realized it wasn't going well and brought her to a shelter. She finally ended up at Vet Ranch who decided to give her another chance. The infected leg gave her an infection which was slowly spreading through her body. She had to strengthen a bit at first before she was being operated on. The bad part of her leg had to come off as there wasn't a lot left, it looked really bad and is unknown how she ended up this way. When she was ready for surgery, incisions were made and the leg was carefully amputated, the footage is blurred to make it not too graphic. After surgery, the wobbling puppy was ready to go to her foster family where she healed up quickly and learned to walk properly with 3 legs. Mayvie grew up to be a happy and playful dog who doesn't even have to look for a new family anymore as she's being adopted by her foster family.

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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