Paralyzed Cat Walks Again

July 29, 2017
Sunshine is an unlucky red kitten that was attacked by a stray cat which he was treated for. Initially all went well, but after a while he stopped using the back of the body, leaving him paralyzed. He has an abscess on his back which is filled with puss, likely blocking up his spinal cord. He was brought to the Vet Ranch and, the fluid in the abscess was drained, and he got treated with medication for the wound and also for the fleas that infested his body. The next day, the lump had filled back up with puss again although he did already start using his back legs a littlebit more. He was anesthesized so the wound could be properly drained, a small hole was left so the wound could keep draining by itself. The next day he started to walk a bit better and during the following week his movement quickly improved even though he still had to build up some muscles again. Another successful story!

Animals: cat
Organization: Vet Ranch

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