Mother Dog And Pups Rescued During Storm

December 15, 2017
The Hope For Paws rescue team received a phone call about a stray pit bull that had just given birth 48 hours ago. They traveled for 3.5 hours through the rain to get to her. Neighbors had tried to catch her for 3 months but she kept running away. Now that she had puppies to take care off, she wasn't going to leave them behind for sure. The rescuers carefully tried to put a leash around her to see how she would react, they didn't want to scare her but carefully tried to take the puppies from her so she would soon follow by herself. She was a bit anxious to see where her pups were taken, in total 8 pups were found and eventually the concerned mother wanted to look where they were going, she had to be persuaded to come with them and after a long trip she was finally reunited with her babies. The mother was named Rainbow and as they were found during a rainstorm, the pups were called Thunder, Breezy, Misty, Raindrop, Flash, Bolt, Stormy and Droplet. The mother soon gained confidense in her rescuers and the happy family quickly grew up together after which they started looking for a new home.

Animals: dog
Organization: Hope For Paws

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