Midnight Puppy Rescue

April 25, 2018
Another rescue from one of our favorite animal welfare organization, Hope For Paws. A mother dog had given birth to a litter of puppies at an industrial area, obviously not a place for these babies to grow up. While trying to close off the room, the mother got scared and ran off, the team managed to corner her and she was caught, now it was time to get the puppies. They were hidden between some pallets and it was quite hard to get them out, the whole rescue operation took 6 hours, but eventually the whole family was rescued. Now it was time to get them back together and mother Mopsy first got a bath, then her children Figaro, Jiminy and Juniper were bathed. They moved to a foster home and are currently looking for a permanent place to live!

Animals: dog
Organization: Hope For Paws

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