Medical Issues Of A Hurricane Survivor

November 27, 2017
Meet Elton, a hurricane survivor who was found in Houston with a backside that's totally messed up. His hip was broken in multiple places and his tibia and fibula on both legs were broken as well. It's going to be a difficult case for Dr. Matt and the Vet Ranch crew, but Elton is a very sweet guy and a real fighter so they have to try and help him. He was anesthetized to make some good x-ray photos and a specialized surgeon was called in to perform the operation. During the first operation, only one side of the little guy was fixed, the hip was plated and pins were put in his leg to keep all his bones together. The operation was successful and he was given a couple of days rest as he was getting medication for the pain. He soon started to walk better and especially use the leg that was fixed and was a lot happier. It was decided a second operation wasn't necessary as he is just doing really good as he is. Now it's time for him to find a new owner!

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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