Homeless Cat With A Big Lump

February 15, 2017
Merp is a homeless cat who has a huge growth on his belly. As it was unclear what was in the lump, so Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch had to perform surgery on the cute guy. It quickly became apparent the cat had a hernia which made the intestines come out. During a graphic surgery, the growth was cut open and the bowels were carefully pushed back through the small hole. Small cuts were made on the sides of the hole in the abdominal wall before sewing it together to make it heal better, after which the cat was castrated as well. After healing up, he was sent to a foster family to live for a while before a new family was sought for him. At the end of the video we'll get to see some fanmail being sent to the great people of Vet Ranch.

Animals: cat
Organization: Vet Ranch

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