Happy Dog With An Injured Leg

April 15, 2017
Oliver is a dog that's barely using his left leg on the back side, it has to hurt but still he's a very happy guy who really loves all the attention he's getting. After anesthetizing the dog, x-rays were made and it became apparent his hip had popped out and the ball of his femur was grinding on the hipbone, causing pain and discomfort. During an operation, a pseudo-joint was made from soft tissue. This will mean the dog will always keep a slight limp, not because of the pain, but because it's kind of a weird joint. He went to a foster family and came back after a couple of weeks for a check-up, he was walkinf a lot easier and the stitches were taken out. After a couple of more weeks, he started growing more muscles and looked great. He ended up being a foster failure, meaning he got adopted by the people who were only supposed to be fostering him, so it was actually quite a success!

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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