Dog With Broken Legs And Pelvis

January 13, 2017
Another touching rescue story from Vet Ranch and Mazie's Mission who helped Clementine, she was presumably hit by a car and had broken two legs and her pelvis. Clementine is a real fighter but needed someone to support her during her rehabilitation. She is a very scared dog that had to be in a lot of pain, the broken bones were really bad and had to be lined up so the wounds could heal and her bones could grow back together. The accident that gave her those injuries appeared to have happened about a month before she was operated and she could still walk a bit. At first she was operated on the right rear leg so she had some time to heal that side before her other leg was operated on. After around one month, she was operated on her other leg and pelvic area, after six weeks of healing we get to see a completely different Clementine, a lot happier and able to move better. This was an incredibly difficult project for Vet Ranch but once again they did a terrific job and increased a dog's quality of life significantly.

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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