Dog Rehabilitation After Being Hit By Car

October 23, 2018
Princess is a very cute young dog that was brought to an animal pound after she was hit by a car, she was rescued by Vet Ranch. After x-rays were taken it turned out she had a fracture in her pelvis and her femur (upper leg). It was going to be a difficult job to piece her all back together. A surgeon was brought in to operate on her, pins were placed in her leg to help it stay in place while it could start healing and her pelvis was reattached to her spinal column. After she woke up from surgery, Princess slowly started to do better, during the first day she just laid around, the next day she started to look a lot happier already. Princess had to stay calm for a couple of weeks during rehabilitation. The operation was a great success and she went to live with a foster family until she was adopted!

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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