Cute Puppy With A Messed Up Jaw

October 19, 2017
This sweet puppy was brought to Vet Ranch with the skin under his jaw hanging loose and a lot of teeth missing. The video is quite graphic, click here to watch the uncensored version. During surgery the Dr. Kari discovered his jaw was broken as well which had to be fixed first by placing a wire to keep it together. After that, the skin was sutured to the jaw, after that a tape muzzle had to be put on there as it was vital he didn't use his mouth too much. He was being fed with a feeding tube fore now, he didn't like wearing a muzzle and cone at all since it's obviously no fun for a puppy to not have his freedom. During his next check-ups and muzzle changes he slowly started to and feel better and better. After a couple of weeks he could get rid of the muzzle and started eating by himself again, this lucky pup has a great future ahead of him, albeit with a little less teeth than most dogs!

Animals: dog
Organization: Vet Ranch

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